full granite

hey… im like watchin tv and playin rs right…
then i like c a guy with granite maul and another with granite shield,
so im like: y not make full granite?

Rate 1/10

doh! neway… heres the url…


9/10 cepts its buddy…so 5/10 total.
sickmate 8)

COOL!!! 10/10 thats nice work!!!

thanks :P, i didnt get impressed by some of the things… but i kinda liked the first plate and the shield with a thick “G”

wow i give it 10/10, thats a weched idea

Nice pics , but be abit heavy lol ^^ :fluffy:

thats good but dont double post

me?? i didnt double post… their different! just look!

I dont really like it its so simple! except for the sheild its ok…5/10 im not into buddies anymore

its not that good

nice work 9/10 where did you get the idea? it would be better if it was “real” though