Full guthix kill!

8O i got soo lucky on this he thought if he was about to die he could run.

he lagged and bam dead full guthix is hidden in the lobbys

WOW!!! That is a great mixture of luck and stupidity right there!!! Congrats on the kill!

That is one of the best kills I have seen! Wow! 8O

DANG!!! You get the best kills (or at least you post screenies of the best drops) that I ever see on RSR. Just out of curiosity, how many death/fire/air runes was he carrying at the time?? Someone with Guthix would (I assume) be carrying a whole lot of runes.
Congrats on the (yet again) awesome drop!!!

i dont know he was maging me for some reason but there where 50 deaths 200 fires and airs

If I had full guthix and in that low of wild I would telly out immediately, what lvl did he lag in?

he lagged out in the lvl i killed him at (lvl 1)

How unlucky for him, but lucky for you!

lol ur lucky i almost had a full guthix kill when he had 1hp he teled
and a ful rune kill
the rune kill he just walked and for some reason we couldnt get a feken hit on him

Cheers m8ey may you get many more.

WOOOT!!! 8O 8O thats one nice kill.

I’m gonna take a bet, that is was your friend that let you kill him to show off.

I fink so too! lvl 1 kill? full guthix in wildy? And how u no he lagged? If he lagged y he say something at the end?

Dont let blondes play around with expensive items thats what happens…


We want real kills not friend kills…

You shouldnt accuse ppl dude, even though it is very unlikely.

You shouldnt accuse ppl dude, even though it is very unlikely.[/quote]

if u look around castle or axe hut some people get confident and wear rare armours.

some one wore full sara at axe hut and some one in my clan killed them.

nice that was lucky i c lv 80s in wild with zammy all the time

Whoa, Thats a great find.

locked by request