~ Full Rune at RSR Pk Trip ~

As of the time I am posting this thread, we have killed 7 people without losing anyone. Here are some pics :

We found this 85, Drawsxam (Vivi) got the kill and gave to me to distribute :

Another Kill :

Congratz…but you should pk in better stuff…like rune =p…good pk nonetheless

I shoulda came to this one…

Yeah pujols u should have come we saw a lvl 109 and a guy in zammy.
The best part was when we called archas names! ill post the pic soon!

It was CRAP! My damn comp. lagged me out :(!!!

niice ownage…gratz archas

heres the best part

i got pics from the start and also the item i got from the trip… the first is of the list of participants and in the second i got the rune full helm from the full rune pk

Here are some of My pics :smiley:


^ ^ ^ ^

W007 great trip Arc. Your skills kept the team together :smiley:

I liked me kill

You lost me before I even got there… lol. Man, if that guy hadn’t called, I woulda gotten free rune… >:(

i cant post pics =(

i was going to come but when i got all my arrows u left!plus dam sister had to do home work :frowning:

yo asslee2 add me my rsn is addstm

wow good pk archas congrats also looks like fun

i been pking so much this week lol

got at least a kill everyday ;D

Nice job guys!

thanks… i didnt officially get ne pks but i drew a whole clan away from them i think

It’s been fun, guys :wink: Thanks to all who came!

archas if your on add me addstm thx