Full santa armour

This is my second fake pic, I used paint. The sword is kinda messed up, but I thing everything else is ok. Btw i tried to make the kite look bloated, so its like santa. Rate 1-10

I’m gonna make another and try to make it look better for all of you who say its too messy

A little messy with the manual paintbrush job but nice job filling the armors in with red… I guess I’d rate it umm… 8/10…

7.5/10 go rate my drag armor

Dao you logged in just as I took it. Thanks a lot!!! Lol jk. Your dragon armour is good. Thanks guys

I think it’s really cool.I agree that in the side bar your armour does look a little messy but overall I like the idea.

Haha! That’s great, man!
9.5/10 (-.5 for neatness, but 10 for creativity)

Lol thanks lol. MSP does get really messy though

The inventory doesn’t look good but on screen it looks good, bout 8/10.

its cool, 9/10

6/10 i’m it was a good idea but messy

-10/10 sloppy

thats cleaver but a littler messy so i would rate 8.5

4?10 too messy


5/10, its a bit ‘sloppy’ lol, make it a bit neater.

I give 4/10 to the image, but 8/10 for the idea (Lol Santa amor).

7.5/10 need to do better work on the bottom part’s… not bad though.

its ok i give u 8/10

Dude how stupid to make that even though u could beat me in the wildy u are still gay for making that i dosent even look cool :twisted:

i dont see you doing anything better, and it’s not nice to call names.