Full White Dragonhide armour (original idea by Calenel)

I saw Calenel’s picture of White dragonhide and decided to make (at
IcedEarth’s request) full White dragon armour.

Nice armour. How much (not more than 11K)

What do you mean?

nice made m8 :slight_smile:

i love it 10/10

Nice picture, Jolio! 9/10.

That looks really good, I like the coif

that looks really tight jolio!

the hat is too big and i like the rest though :mrgreen:

It’s not a hat, it’s a dragon skull.

i like the armour but dont really like the coif :?

I like it 9/10, but how much do you think it would cost, and would it be members only?

10/10 but some dude posted about rumor of white drag hide a week ago. Very nice pic

nice the helm looks a bit akward bit ill take it 8.5/10

10/10 I like it :smiley:
No offense, but to me the coif looks like a horse head :?

Beautiful! The green boots don’t really match though :slight_smile:

youve done it again joliojoilo 10/10

(especially like the skull)

i like it! 8/10 though because i think the drag skull thing looks abit…well wierd :slight_smile: :smiley: but i am sure i will learn to love it

Its a fake picture made by him, nice work Jolio 9.5/10.

its rely kool but…the elm wdf is that it looks lie my mums fac dam gett it of now!!! soz but with that helm it makes it look crp