fun rsr bronze war!!!!all welcome~~~1 hour from now

Im having a fun bronze war in the wildy for p2p or f2p
The rules are:
1.You need to bring full bronze with bronze wep with any food u want. ammy and pots are optional
2.We will go into level 10 wildy so that means there will be special categorys of the war so this way it wont be unfair and we can run out if were attacked
3.No binds or magic or range allowed just melee


somebody can take screenies cuz i donno how to post them and the categories will be chosen there

Meet at edgeville bank world 33.I will tell u when its in 1 hour from now but ill post ok post below to tell me if you are coming thanks and i hope to see you there… :wink:

that might be fun…but i dont think ppl will spring for the 10k…just cus itd be a waste most likely to them…nice idea tho…

r u gonna come?

umm…idk i might…im mining and training right now…so thats a maybe

I could run in there and mage you all down…Bad idea.

there now u dont have to bring 10k

I might come if I still have my full bronze in the bank. I don’t really feel like making some more.

im coming this sounds like fun

30 mins till start

who all are coming?

im not sure not many ppl is coming this might turn out to be a bust

psst if u bring ull rune wiht u ill give u 500k! lol jk maybe ill stop by bu do u need to have bronze plate?

if u have it if not then i gues nothing

With your HUGE lvl 53 mage?

I dont think so nub, go crash some1 elses fun war

5 mins ppl come now if ur coming and if not enough ppl come ill delay it an hour or so

edit:delayed for 30 mins since not many ppl came only wizardy and neobird cuz theyre cool

everyone lets go cmn ppl u now u wanna come!

its just a fun war you wont lose anything

there is no war nobody came barely