fun with mad libs

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For those of you who don’t know what it is, mad libs are fun with writing down words in some paragraph or summary and the blank is based on parts of speech an such. I was messing with the mad libs a bit, clicked on the Eleanor Rigby one. I decided to type this:

Adjective: stupid
Plural Noun: Republicans
Female first name: Kim-Jung
Last name: Il
Noun: communist flag
Place: North Korea
event: 9/11 terrorist attacks
Verb: dance
Noun: nulcear missile
-ing verb: accusing
Noun: homosexuals
Noun: skirt
Noun: Catholic church
Noun: altar
Verb: suck

After all of this, i got this:

Nice result! I love madlibs… it’s addictive… o_O I’m gonna go on that website right now… o_O

if you do one, post what words u used and ur result.

I didn’t like how those words you chose were just a big racist.

Adjective spherical
Plural Noun bananas
Femenine first name Kidney B.
Last name Bothered
Noun traffic jam
A place behind you
A special event now
Verb think
Noun mince
A verb in the present tense throwing up
Noun milk
Noun strawberry
Noun radioactive ball
Noun pig
Verb jump

Ah, look at all the spherical bananas!
Ah, look at all the spherical bananas!

Kidney B. Bothered picks up the traffic jam in a behind you where a now has been.
think in a mince.

throwing up at the milk, wearing the strawberry that she keeps in a radioactive ball by the pig. Who is it for?

All the spherical bananas, where do they all come from?
All the spherical bananas, where do they all jump?

I’m just accusing the Republicans, it’s all a joke btw.

Well it might offend Republicans.