Funkedelic Armor!!

How do you like it?

its a bit to shiny…dont u think?

Because its the armor of…Shiny cool goodness

I think it’s very creative venom, Grewat work 9\10.

Ooh… Shiny… 9.5/10… Nicely done… If I ever get that armor… I should change my name to Flashman…

Edit: BTW, I really like the med helm, sq shield, scimmy, and cape… Good job…

ya its a bit to shiny and u didnt blend well…nice try tho and good idea

i think its cool

hmm sorry but i dont think its that great 5/10 :frowning:

ha 8O wierd, but i dont like it soz lol, 4/10

a lil wierd, i giv 6/10

Pretty good, if you know what I mean :wink: 8/10

Argh! It hurts my eyes!


it looks…strange lol

4/10 hurts the eyes

take me to funky town… too funky man

i believe u get that color when your monitor freezes and gets all weird with all the neon colors. i think he just took 2 screen shots and pasted the regular brown background over. 3/10

p.s. you will know what i’m talking about if u have windows 95/98 or lower