funniest animated signature

This is my first thread that I have made on this website in about a year. I don’t even know if this is the right place for it. On this thread, dont post any words unless you want to explain your signature.


-Signature must be original. NO COPIES OF OTHER SIGNATURES!!!
-They must be animated
-The must be funny

The winner gets his or her name on announced on this thread.

I guess guns_n_roses77 wins because everyone else didn’t post any animated signatures.

new guy, no1s gunna do this lawl

ill make a suggy out of symbols


will me name be announced?

What do you mean by new guy? I joined this website before you did, so you are the true new guy.

What evva! He has better reputation then you do

just to tell you this IS the wrong place

wow, this is… stupid. I really hope to make a sig good enough to be announced by a guy noone knows about.

EDIT: and I also might ad that this is in the wrong thread.

Yo we’ve said more stuff on this doesn’t matter but ur the new guy to all of us so make sure u know who u talkin about

This isnt mine but i thought it was sooo funny so im posting it :tongue:

p.s. its not really a sig either buts its hilarious

this is stupid and ur a new guy lol…
ive got a much better rep then u

that may be true, but no1 cares on dates, they care about posts, and it look like im beating u by 800

ill make one after i tell mod move this sigs avtar section

That freaking rules!

Wow, some people here are really cocky. So what if he’s a “new guy” although he joined the same date as me. He has great grammar and spelling. He, types better than most peop[le that posted on this thread. I doubt he’s gonna wanna stay here any longer when people talk to him like that.

On-topic (:D) - Not funny ,but Th3DeathDealer’s sig is pretty cool with its animation. The eyes flash =)

…why do you even post in this ignoramus’ thread anyway…arguing about how he is a new member, using most pride and defense toward other members as an automatic excuse to fill in some “post points” just leave this thread go so you don’t have to deal with it anymore…

oh, and if you want to try and be a smart ass, and i know some of you who i haven’t already made friends with already are, directly towards me and ask “well why did you post here then”

my answer is: because i’m trying to change all of your ways at least some of you that are weak and vulnerable and need a guide with one of the stupidest arguments i could have possibly portrayed in settling.

andrew b. ca. (jesus h. christ)

ahhh your getting off on runescape, weird lol

i like the sig lol it really kool also i dont even think i have a rep on dis website lol i like the sig though and the new guy wif like 27 posts watch who u talkin to btw

guys shut up, jdm64 is right! you guys are as cocky as hell! talking about how he is new and making fun of him and crap, jesus… it doesn’t matter because we were all new at one point… give him a break and also, there is a section for these stuff, ill try and make one once this is in the right place.