funniest kill of my life!

Some noob like 3 trips in a row brought a d long to abyss with him and attacked me. So I got sick of it and brought mystic in my inventory and tangle runes. He attacked me like usual and I whipped out my mystic and tangled. I dds specialed 4 times and he tellyed into abyss on 2hp. I quickly went in and ran all the way around the circle to find the pile.

Haha, nice kill!

rofl nice, now be a good boy and give me the d long :slight_smile: i did buy your stuff earlier remember? lol :slight_smile:

lol, nice kill :D!

Thanks, it makes me laugh to think about it

;o my sig was right

You grew boobs?!

:fluffy: maybe… :eek:

Lol, what a retard… Seems like something I would do… :stuck_out_tongue:

Free glory pl00z?

lol he didnt even have a chance :stuck_out_tongue:


not bad kills well done sportfreak :smiley:

nice kill good job

Rofl, very nice!

I didnt know you could attack people in the abyss! Learn something new every day!

nice d long p-kill.

You cant, he tellyed into the abyss and poison killed him

hahaha niice kill

I didnt think you were the type who pked rcers, ah well, glad to know you enjoy the game and dont mess around with honour. Ive seen a few people die in abyss from poison, its quite funny.