funniest/weirdest/scariest/saddest pking storys

my funniest one is when i met a clan of like 25 lvl 20 guys at greaterst and they attacked me it was really confusing but me and my friend were killing them pretty quickly but then i ran out of food and i almost died
saddest is almost getting killed by a guy 15 lvls lower than me scariest is getting attacked by like 10 ppl who are all 20 lvls higher than me. weirdest is seeing a guy with zammy full, ady (g) full and black (t) full and he was lvl 52

post ur storys plz

i was pking wit some friends i could trust and 1 of dem turns on me :mad: and he nearly killed me…very very sad :mad: I wasted so much food!! not good!!

funnist and stupidest thing that happened was me and 15 friends went pking and we say a archer so we ALL went to attack him but some ppl didnt get there intiime so when theywent to click on the archer they were clicking on our friends an they didnt now it so trying to kill a archer 5 other ppl died by acciedent…it was funny

The funniest story I had was when I was a level 30 and I was with 2 or 3 of my friends when we see a large group (15 of em I think) of noobs levels 3-25 wandering around in the wilderness obviously lost and trying to find their way back out. Well, my freidsn and I hunted them down, some ran further into the wilderness while others died trying to exit…It took around 15 minutes to find them all and destroy them and I cant help but admit that i felt a pang of regret and guilt for killing them… It was in deep too like around level 48 wilderness before my friends and I were members…

Needless to say I gave back most of their junk (mostly wooden shields,bronze wepons and armor,tinderboxes,beer,low grade food) The highest loot I got was a steel dagger lol

I have one question: What is with noobs and tinderboxes and beers?
I belive that it is some bizzare nooby myth that they think those items would give them super-natureal powers…

was that at the pk trip? that happened a couple of times, before i left i started fighting u if i remember correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

ya that but there was another time when i was about lvl 40 or so

argh jus today i was going to greaters with a couple of my friends then a lv 94 ranger frekin tries to hunt me down…i ran like crazy and i lived! :slight_smile:

Mine was when i was a level 35 i met some levels 60 in level 50 something dnager i said can you show me the way out bam bam bam 10 shots i’m dead i’m like wtf?

What? WHat was your story killalot? I couldnt understand any of it…sorry

i was pking with a friend and when we fight it come the conection lost sign on the screen.that was scary, but my friend killed the man who attack me and had 4 lives to go when i finally logged in i was so relieved.

hehehe this happened jus a few days ago kinda funny…i was pking with my friend. we were both on our noob accounts (they were lv 4) and had full iron. We went to lv 13 wilde and saw a lv 6 with like full bronze or sumthin. lol he starts running the north deeper and deeper into wilde. we’re frekin chasin him then run out of energy. Then we start fitin and the lv 6 starts sayin “im gonna beat u”! by this time we are in lv 40 sumthin wilde. rite when he is down to like 4 hp a lesser demon atks him and kills him! im about to type lol then the lesser kills me…o well at least it was on my noob account :slight_smile:

lol well they showd u a way out, but not a pleasent 1

mine was when i didnt trust this mage pker with me so i killed him. he had full rune and a few k runes on him and it was all mine.

other 1 was when i almost had a full rune and he got telled 2 the mime…

hmmm once i encountered a group of 30 that were 60+ in like 13 wildy and i forgot to bring my tele runes and i died,

o accually, this didnt happen to me but my friend was over using the comp when this happened, him and a friend were at the lvl 45 part of wild and im like “what the hell is that?” and he looks on the rs radar thing and 1 side of the radar as all white, im like “…look to see what it is…” u wana now what it was, about 80 ppl in full rune walking towards them, im like lol your soo dead lol, but lucky for him, he and his friend were to low for any of them to attack them. the funny thing cause i knew they couldnt attack them cause everyone was circling him trying to attack him

mine was when i was with a friend. we went to the chaos temple where a lvl 20 lady was wearing full black trimmed. then she started taking it off the my friend saidhell yes i finally found a striper. just to shut him up i killed her. she was saying she wanted to meet her husband there. i just said hell lady i dont care bought ur husband then this lvl 46 came up to me and said have u seen a lvl 20 girl wearing full mith trimmed? i was like uuuuuuuuuuuh no than i ran off. but right after that i was celebrating because i got black trimmed when i came across an archer and a mage. i asked if i could be on their team . they said sure. once we got to like 20 wildy the archer said now! i was bout to ask them wat he meant when he killed me

full mith trimmed
u lie!

Idiot, no such thing as full mith trimmed, this prolly never happened.

Lol, no such thing as Mith Trimmed…


mine was that when me and my friends whent to gr8s(we were all rangrs…just alittle fun) and we killd like…20 gr8s (my friends lvl 67-77) and then my bro(our leader)askd if we should start leavin…every 1 naaaaa…then a lvl 70 came…we all just watchd him…then about 3 mins l8r he attacks us…a hole clan of lvls 70-82 came from the west and east…they trappd us…only 1 of use lived…can u guess :jester:

P.S. i think its a new thing…where half the clan waits on 1 side wile that other half waits on the other…and 1 guys scouts the area …if any 1 heard of this…plz tell…thanx