funniest word

what is your favorite word? I dont mean your most used word, I mean the sound of the word. I like foyble, gazebo, underfunding, diharea, beluga, muckluk, plethera, cremudgeon, diptheria, and macadamia.

You’re not allowed to have a 1k post thread. Sorry, but I’m pming a mod.
:spin: Kingofallpie

I cant? ?por que? in that case, I guess I will turn this into something else.

PS king-

  1. Moderating Other Members: is not in any way allowed. This includes saying that a certain person deserves a warning, or acting more superior to other members. If you wish to help out, or report someone, simply private message a moderator telling him/her what is wrong, and a link to that topic. DO NOT go on that topic and say they are breaking a rule. For you will receive punishment as well as the original offender.

but I guess im doing to too… so :frowning:

lol, post @ 2k, not @ 1k ;). Shithead :D!

I find that extreamly rude, please think before you post. joking or not.

k - irl plz?

Roflmfao ur PMing a mod over something so silly? Wow…

He started a 1k post thread. That’s against the rules.
Just in case you haven’t read the rules in a while, here’s a link-
:spin: Kingofallpie

get on subject, its over. there is something in its place.
kingofallpie- just stop you are breaking the rules too, by what you said above, so can we get oon topic to the point of this thread

Pickle! :smiley:

If I was modding you, I would be doing something other than informing you you frickin broke the rules. That’s all I can do.

And Jesus Christ is this thread pointless. Funniest word?
:spin: Kingofallpie

oo you got pie mad, I like happy pie, hmmmm, pumkin pie is good. lol

I’m a spammer :stuck_out_tongue:

this should just be locked


have a nice day