Funny conversation

[b]I must begin with this, which was Duke Freedom’s response when I asked if he minded my posting of this conversation:

So, to abide by his wishes:

He said that if you add him and refer to this conversation, he WILL ignore you.

And now, without further ado, I give you, Keyser520 and Duke Freedom’s midday conversation:


Errr…I don’t get it? Oh well, all he has ever said to me was “Good luck merchanting” and “Please don’t get richer than me.” Gosh, those were good times. I’m in on of your pictures! How long did it take you to screeny those anyways?

Lol, nice chat you got there. He obiously knows how successful your class are :stuck_out_tongue:

I was really surprised when he mentioned that he knew them!

I was asking him about some merchanting ideas and he said that, with my guide, I should already know the answers. I was speechless. He KNEW about the class. lol

lol thats hilarious… but im startled. Keyser begging…? Dude your like… second richest person in runescape. i have no doubt youll pass freedom up when he goes blind from playing too long. lol. pretty funny.

Well I’m going to add him and talk to him about this conversation.

That’s pretty awesome though, when can we expect Keyeser and Duke Freedoms Merchanting Classes?

I don’t know if you can, it was an idea I threw out there-- half serious, half jokingly.

But if he likes it, then I, for one, would do it :slight_smile:

wow keyser ur famous! (lol) :slight_smile:

Working on it , at least.

Dukes an alright guy. A very good merchant I must say.

How much cash does he have anyway? Total, i mean.

Thats pretty cool. I was wondering why you were standing outside the bank for a long time…

i dont get it?

It was a conversation between myself and Duke Freedom (probably the richest player in the game)

Richest? Maybe an overstatement?..

Not an overstatement at all. You must be new to RS?

overstatement? Duke Freedom IS the richest player

and Keyser, good luck with that p hat set, I saw him talking to a girl a few months ago and I saw him say that he didn’t actually like p hats, lol.

I think Keyser’s and Duke Freedom’s and Jdm64’s Merchanting Classes are better. Too bad I’ve never even mad 2mil rofl.

If Duke had a merchant class, many people would pay more than 1 million to take it.

Great. He’d put me out of business