Funny Guys Jokes

Feel free to add more!

After every sentence I say I want to to say “I am a man

You go to a gay bar… (I am a man)
you find a beautiful woman… (I am a man)
she invites you to have a drink… (I am a man)
she starts to like you… (I am a man)
she invites you to her house…
she gets into her bed…(I am a man)
she invites you in also… (I am a man)
you get laid… (I am a man)
then she says… (I am a man)

After everything I say i want you to say “Rubberbuns and Lickher

What did you have for Breakfast… (Rubberbuns and Lickher)
What did you have for Lunch… (Rubberbuns and Lickher)
What did you have for dinner… (Rubberbuns and Lickher)
What did you do to the poor little old lady down the streets… (Rubberbuns and Lickher)

Rubberbuns and Lickher = Rub her Buns and Lick her, LOL!!!

Ummmmm, Gym Leader, are you feeling okay, because that was kind of inapropriate for these forums, I used to respect you, look at your sig, I don’t think that should be written…

ohh my gosh, that is horrible!!! lmao! those were great :lol:

Sorry Wraith, not to be insulting, and I am changing the sig, my brother wrote that. Sorry about that. And about the jokes I didnt mean to be offencive. My friend told me and I thought they were abit funny. Sorry.

Well, okay, but they are kind of not right for these forums… hehe…

Heh, my friend just started using the Rubber Buns and Liquor phrase too… At first I didn’t get it until he told me to say it three times slowly until it clicked… Heh, but yeah, it isn’t really appropriate even for the off-topic forums but hey, at least it isn’t going to start a flame war…