Funny LOTR avatar

nvm lock this thread i was stupid!

uh…i see an ad or sumthing thats definitly not 100 x 100…

o well i mean in can’t use it anyway!

Ya, it’s not all that funny, lol.

Hahaha That Add Is The Funniest Thing In The World!


i like the cat avvy but the ad musta been wrong link or sumtin:D

omg guys so harsh!

I couldn’t even smile… Sorry, not funny… :sorry:

But anyway, LotR rules.

s.o.a.b…sir jacob thing is actuallu hypnotizing…omg!

lotr is ok:D



baa humbug…this whole thread is spam…i need jolio to say his famous "“LOCKED”:smiley:

Uh, I think we do Ksouth and as for Mr.comic with his BUMP Jolio should say “READ THE RULES”. X.x

i like it lol

I think this is some kind of sumbliminal advertising. Should be locked.

omfg…it is…what am i thinking of thow…the bengels…wdf! bengal subliminal advertizer;)…lol

k south I didn’t mean to advertise!