Funny screenshot

My friend was feeling a little mischevious, so he created a clan.

^ I am the one in the cool black and purple outfit :slight_smile:

Lol sweet. How long ago was that? Because that would cost a lot for everyone to get membership.

^ It was before RSC was p2p only…

[wise voice]oh, i remember, the times when RSC was for F2P, if only such things existed nowaday…[/wise voice]

^ It was only a few months ago…

Looks… great i guess… :frowning:


lol that hillarious… cept… 1 of the green pants guys is off color! (seciond from back)

^ You are very perceptive :wink:

LOL. Veh nice. Multiple log in… bliss :D.

they are very organized, thats what i can say :wink:

Nice eye… I just noticed that after you mentioned it. :smiley:

That’s pretty funny… it’s like an attack of… Clones! :eek:

yeah i know…was just being silly :smiley:

Is this not meant to be in the ‘Screenshot’ Section?

^ No, because there is no Screenshots section for RSC…

Oh yes i guess thats true…Small print eh? lol…

Lol hes right that one guys pants is off color.

i noticed his pants were discolored as soon as i looked at it! oh well, nice organization i guess.

Dis-coloured O_o. He has a wet problem?..

^ lmfao :smiley: