Funny Signs

Post yours!!

Lol. I don’t know of any but those are funny.

lol i like the one that says “bottomless pit, 65 feet deep” lol

I have a few in my email inbox… i will post them here.
Yeah, they arent exactly signs… i deleted that message, srry.

Those ones are good, though.

“I am a bomb technician, If you see me running try to keep up” LOL! Very nice man.

Lol, nice. Those are funny.

Lol those are funny, are those real? Espicially the last one =)

There’s an entire book of them, it was made by the National Lampoons guys.

Google images :slight_smile:

hahahahahaha i love those

I like the one that says, “these premises are protected by an attack turtle”

that’s just funny xD… I’ll try to find some, I’ll post when I do…

The bomb technician one is, by far, the best there. I have to get that shirt!

Those are so funny lol I like the one with the bomb technitioan.


dam i found a shirt once that said
“This isent a beer belly its a full tank for a sex machine”, i thought that was hilarious

Lol iv seen that one before.

lolol the bomb one was awsome!!

bottemless pit is just amazing

xD just amazing…