Funny story and I need some girl help lol

Any way , I was sitting in one of my classes reading a book , I was in my own little world of harry potter when i realize I am rubbing with my foot wat I thought was the leg of my desk , Then I think this is alittle bumpy for the leg of my chair, so I look down and to my horro/pleasure that I was rubbing the foot of the girl next to me :eek: . And I quickly stop and move my foot away and I look over at the girl next to me and she asks like it never happend which im pretty sure she felt that i was rubbing her foot . So she totaly pretends like it didnt happen and we finish the period. So for the next 3days I find i cant stop thinking about her and I eem to wonder wat shes doing and rember her voice and how she laughs and Im realy happy. Well anyway Today next time i got a chance to see her beacuse we are CRCT testing and change sheclude and she all laughing with her freinds. And i kinda take a peek over to see wat there doing and then i here one of them say ask him out (ASking out in my skool means be boy freind and girlfreind) And my heart start racing and im so hopping they mean me. And I get lunch and on my way back I hear her say Hi and im not sure if she means me are not so now im to terrifid to even look at her :frown: when she said hi. Im so connfused now does she like me? why did she ingore me when i rubbed my foot on hers , Did she mean me ? Lol i need some help :frowning:

Maybe she likes you…

eww u rubbed her foot did it felt wierd :smiley:

Umm… She probably gets the hint that you like her, Just try to talk to her… Me I wish I had any classes with the girl I liked, but … Maybe next year… Just wing it, ask her some stuff, and then maybe get her phone number :wink:

and wow… she must have totally thought you were into her with you rubbing her foot and all… :hyper::cutie::rotfl::cutie::hyper:


um she ignored you when rubbing foot because maybe the 2 possible reason, she was paying attention in class, or she is being a typical girl playing hard to get

Nice, accidental footsies? :eek: Maybe try asking her out instead of wondering if shes gonna ask you

Say this to her;

“hey, I know we don’t know each other that well but will you go out with me? because i think your the sexiest thing since sex.”

Seems to work for me!

I think that you should get a few drinks into her… and… you know…
move in a little.
:spin: Kingofallpie

He’s still at school!!!How old do you think he is? Unless she gets drunk on Coke >_<.

usually us guys make the first move so make it

Lol I had somthing similar. Today on the bus the girl I like all of the sudden starts rubbing my head and playing with my hair cept she knew she was doing it lol. When I think back after she got off I think I should have said “Oh yes lower” as a joke rofl.

Lol king and adre love your adivce lol but andre I think i would get slapped or she would be to shocked to say anything lol Ty for adivce ill try to talk to her but its so hard to lol
lol shadow

lol far from it

Hah, I know. Offer her a beverage but then put ecstasy in it! Genius…

you ask her out dont wait go get her!

Lol before im like “Baby we werent ment to be lets go out” Id like to talk to her first and see if she likes me and if we have stuff in common lol. And today she totaly ingored me even when I said hey I think shes playing hard to get or ingoreing me beacuse she dosent like me lol.

hard to get trust me.

you should go to a girl and say (hope I dont get banned for this)

“b**** I think your hot f***ing date me!”

lol im just kidding first get to know her.

i would say just to ask her out

i had sumtin like that 2

i got my chain tookin by a girl today and she just gave it to me and i had a stupid look on my face lol

do not triple post its against the rules lol