Funny thing

HAHAHA!!! I laughed my pants off!!! Thats great!
Man! I’m going to watch it again…


lmfao id rate it a 8.5/10

thats great

this is funnier, and i didnt make those

lol thats hilarious… and kinda weird 10/10!!

ok now this is the best, dont let the name fool you, there is no porn or anything
its just bunny rabbits, and the number is the number of times, well you know

dude!! LOL!!! lmao!!! i fell off my chair!! HAHAHAHAHAHA GREAT WORK!!!

10/10 for funniest
0/10 for seriousness


i didnt make them

LOL ive been on dat site here r some other hilliraous ones

That thing is also on newgrounds and it was on VH1 a while ago. i hate it though cuz i’ve seen it like 40 bazillyon times