Funny who u bump into....

Hi Chase! :-p :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

First rsr member i have seen without an arrangement lol

Him and his bro (comerz dk) were at the farmer with me(dam chase and his mith darts)

Lol it’s always nice to see fellow runescaperealm members… I’ve only seen Arimosa, Chaosnoob, K0shi_Rikd0, and someone else but I forget his name lol.

kule, i saw redwraith at duel arena :wink:

I also bumped into someone at the duel arena :-(.

~ ewok

lol he just made me take a pic of his gardening eqipment


burble i 1nce killed u in cwars!

I saw: neko tank, redwraith0 and… i think some1 else 2 (but i was to lazy to remember)

A lot of people see me around. Many times it is arranged but not always.

I saw Bruble and she whacked em with a chicken, I saw BloodyShado today, I saw WPlayer in Lumby…

Well here it is,sorry Brother :smiley:

And I have met around 6 people of rsr so far :slight_smile:

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

~ Your Brother in Arms

Don’t think you got away with this…

It was Dutch Lag!

~ ewok

Lol nice pictures you got there Killakot lol… All that work to get 1gp from mrparris… HAHA


If he won,he would’ve got a rotten tomato :smiley:
Which i tried to throw at him,but my aim was so bad :frown:
And his enemy laughed at me :expressio

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

cool on seeing him and hes got alot of stuff

I see IcedEarth around a lot because I play in the same world as him. I see chase312 (Banker Chase) around too. I’ve met some other people but those times were when we arranged it.

Ive seen Malibue, Armirosa, K0shi, Blink, Killbill, Iamstraight, and others…sry if i forgot ur names…

i got 1 tool he dosent

i dont see much of the people here on rsr…now i feel all sad and alone…:frown:…oohh well…the only time ive seen other peple from rsr ar on arranged events…

ive met sirjacob, surper spaz,eagles fan,robbie (after he got hackd)…srry i cant remember the rest lol

well we will see so many plp at the party in the fire temple this saturday at 5:00 new york time :smiley: