furnace in craft guild

i dont know if this has been in here yet but anyway

there should be a furnace in the craft guild cause it is hell goin to bank then back then bank again etc.

also a gem seller or somthin cause gems are hard to get in ftp

That would be 2 easy. The point of runescape is not for it to be easy or they would be thoushands pf lvl 127’s out there with 2bill each.

I agree, that would make it too easy. One thing that i wouldn’t mind tho is a bank closer to the guild. That trek takes too long.

Agreeds, there should be a furnace, gem shop , bank so u dun need 2 go so far

If they did do that, they would have to up the requirements to at least 50, so its not that easy to get in.

Yeah, like Cibola and justincook said… A furnace would make it easy to level up and such… There’s already a gem shop in Faly and the bank may be a bit far but it isn’t TOO far… Maybe they could make an entrance to Faly that’s by the crafting guild since that would make the trip shorter with the West bank in Faly and the Gem shop’s right on the way to that bank if they were to make another entrance that was closer to the crafting guild but yeah, other than that the Crafting Guild is fine as it is… Also there is also a furnace in Faly if you need to smelt the ores you get from the guild…

they should have a furnace in the craft guild. THE ONLY LVLS WOULD GO UP WOULD BE SMITHING!
but its kinda pointless anyway. i just teleport then gotto furnace in fally
and there is gem shop in al kharid too

yeah but gem shops never have any gems and the point of having a furnace in there would be so you could smelt it there well all know the bank is far but the furnace is furthur and carring around a full load of gold dont help

yeah, a furnce is for smithing not for crafting, unless it mold or something

you need a furnace for crafting unless your gonna get to highlvls only using leather

:idea: :idea: :idea: just use superheat item :idea: :idea: :idea: