FusionZone now recruiting.

The FusionZone clan are now recruiting into our PKing clan.

The requirements for joining are that you must be over level 25 and you must have some advanced knowledge of the cities and locations in Runescape.

We will sort you in groupings depending on your stats.

The groupings are as of followed:
Mages: In order to be this you must have over 30+ magic.

Rangers: Must have 25+ range and have studded armour and studded chaps or higher form of ranging armour.

Warriors: Warriors must have 30+ attack. They must also hardly wear bronze.

Foot Soldiers: These are people who do not have any of the requirements above but are lvl 25 or higher. They do not really fit into any class and are just there for back-up.


In order to find the Runescape board head to the gaming section and select Runescape.

Our clan message board also has an RP board, Gaming, Soap box, GTA and many other boards. So far we have over 100 members and it is growing quickly.

ok ill join im lvl 31 and i got over 30 atack so can i be a warrior

Ok first sign up to my website and post your stats.

Sorry to double post but this is urgent!
Anyone who wants to sign up to the Fusion Zone clan must first join my website or we will not count you as a member of our clan.

ill joing im a lvl 48 and my magic is 55 so i could be the mage or i could be a warior cause my attack lvl is 47 so just choose one a mage or a warrior i could be any one for youre team, i already signed up for the fusion zone if u want to talk to me add me as a freind in fuzion zone and send me a message my name is realthug 91 for fuzion zone