future goalness

I am thinking about getting to 90 wcing cus i need 7000 more mage logs. Its gonna be the only thing i do on rs. Wat do u guys think?

Current status: 1700 magics/7000 magics
current wc status: lvl 87. 400k+ to 88 wcing. 21% to lvl 90 wcing

you will get very bored of rs and quit…

He’s already 86 wc so he has a good start, but yes you’re gonna get bored.

well gd luck on your goals, but please use the EDIT button and don’t double post ^.^

erml…i dunt think i will quit. of course i will get bored…but i may merchant in between…but then again i do want high wc stats

y…wc is useless past 75

ya wc mages ruins your soul believe me i only have 81 wcin :stuck_out_tongue:

its not that i really want my wcing. its that i want $$$$! I know i shud merchant. but wat can i merchant with 1 mil? anyone got any ideas on wat i can merchant with 350k? thats all i have now

If you want wcing xp fast cut willows.

isnt 700 10% of 7000? so 730 would be a little bit over 10% correct?

just checking


update: 1128/7000
It hasn’t been that borring latley.

Good luck on cutting 7k mages lol, you’ll need it, not doing too bad atm though.

im doing well. thank you. so far im not bored. im getting around 100k wcing exp a day. i 2 days i will be 87 wcing

Mmmm, if I am not mistaken… you get like a log a minute. So that is half an hour per inventory.

That is 125 hours of woodcutting. Enjoy ;).

u cant remember cus most of the time its not that slow. its more than a log a minute. but i will enjoy :wink:

double post sry

ok read rules…can’t double post!

well gl

im working on fishing and cooking too atm. its 70 and 70. looking to fish and cook sharks in the near future.