Just wondering if anyone has seen one yet.
I got one :), you have to do In aid of the Myreque.

Not strong, but I reckon they look cool. And they’re not as slow as mauls or anything, average speed.
sickmate 8)

ya ive seen 1 there cool looking

there good against shades

The ones in Morton?
sickmate 8)

yea, but what do they do???

are those the 1s you can buy for 10k or 20k to fix the shed?

Nope, thats a Flamtaer Hammer.
This is just a weapon you get off this guy.
sickmate 8)

i once won 1 in the duel arena… then lost it during my next…

Ive got 1, but hardly ever use it, the look kool doh

looks pretty cool but i wouldnt do the quest because of the hammer tough…

It looks like a wooden maul… lol

ya it looks alrite but i wood still prefer the g maul or something. mayb its just something to carry around and get ppl to say, “whoa man wats that?” then u can get them to be ur frend then u can use them to get money. i have issues.

i had one on my pure when it was like lvl 30…
when you didnt have to do quest, i made aduelling vid =]