Game of Thrones

Not sure if this counts as Movies/DVDs but it must be close enough.

Are any of you watching this series? It hooked me from day one and now I can’t put the book down. Any thoughts on the series as a whole?

AWESOME show! As long as you don’t get attached to any one character that is, still a little irked on what they did to Sean Bean, but you gotta love the dynamic realism of the world they created.

I hadn’t read the books before the first season, so I got attached to Ned Stark… The end of season one took me a couple of days to get over. =/ But I love the depth they put into the costumes, they spend millions of dollars per episode and a relatively large chunk of this goes to the costumes I’m assuming. It’s incredible

Love Game of Thrones. Watched the whole first season a few weeks ago in about two days.

I haven’t watched the new episode yet though, I need to get around to doing so.

I watched the new episode last night, and it is a bit slower pace from the end of last season bear in mind, but it is because it is introducing new characters. If you read/ are reading the book, it jumps around a bit so don’t be surprised if you get a little lost.

The books are absolutely phenomenal. However, a friend told me to not watch the show as it would never compare to the books (he was a big fan of the books, then the show came along and almost put him in a state of depression for being so much worse apparently). So, I’ve never bothered to try watching it. I plan to one day when they’re like seven seasons in and I can just watch all of it back to back for a week straight.

See I’m actually the opposite. I have never read the books whatsoever. I’m sure they are excellent but now that I have started watching the show, I’m almost fearful of reading the books because I will know what’s going to happen next on the show.

Oh I can’t stress enough how badly you should read the books. Oh man. Lol. They’re really really great. Sure, they’re no lord of the rings but they are up there.

Everyone that I know that read the books before the show has said the show is actually pretty good compared to the books. I haven’t met a single person that said the show was so bad compared to the books that they refused to watch it.

I watched the first season without even knowing it was a book series, but after learning about the books I bought all of them. I tried reading the first book, but I couldn’t get into it because I always knew what was going to happen. My brother meanwhile read the second one, and finished it a few weeks ago and let me have it so that I could read it before the season started. I’m attempting to do 100 pages a week to stay up to date with the show, and it’s working pretty well so far. My recommendation is to not watch the show if you have any motivation to read the books, it’s just too much reading when you know what’s going to happen.

Just watched the new episode, absolutely incredible as always. Wish Daenerys had a bigger part in the episode though.

Daenerys doesn’t even come into the book until page 180ish. Last season they did 80 pages per episode, because it was a 800 page book (10 episodes). This season they did it a little differently I believe, because I read up until page 160 before the show and there were a few scenes I hadn’t read yet.

I would guess they are going to skip around at some point to maintain a linear storyline - books are far better at allowing the story to skip around than a (relatively) short TV episode. Either way gotta love it.

Loved this show from the moment it was announced. Read about it on The Escapist back then.
Read 4 of the books during last summer (immediately bought them after season 1), instead of studying for my exams I had to redo. (Failed both of them again)
Still reading in the 5th in a much slower pace now. (p800 approx)

Has become my most favourite show and books.
And having watched the show totally didn’t ruin the books for me, still was so pleasant to read.

And I loved the biggest event of season 1, even though I was so hooked to the character. Having guts to do that made it a whole level better.

Oh I’ve had so many favourite characters, it’s a curse. :smiley: