gates under verrock bank

ok i know there is mostly likely a post already about this but i will ask anyways does anyone know how ot open the gates under the banks in verrock and if it is a key please tell how to get it

O think toy need 2 B a p2p and then can use the thieving in the gate

ok because i was told there was a key that was called the bank sale key and there was only 2 in the whole game

You need level 33 magic (i think), use telekenetic grab on anything you want in there. Its like a mage training area to me :smiley:

no you are wrong again because there is few things in there that you can grab with that spell because i have tried i have it i am 45 magic

There is no key
You cant telegrab all of them
I dont think you need thieving…

Yes, Ratchet11 is correct. You need 33 magic to use Telekenetic grab, and get them coins, and that gold ring. I am perfectly sure of that.

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