Gattcha scammers!

Lol i was trying to sell my guth skirt and i cought a team scam…check it out
This was the Buying scammer

This is the selling scammer

And i guess they did do a scam cause then i say Robinis Selling a muddy key for 1.5mil and Hugiss was buying a muddy key for 2.5mil, lol well i cought them
Scammers Scammers What u ganna do? What u ganna do when i take a screenshot of u!

Nice catch, can I add them to my Scammers List?

lol go right ahead, ppl like that diserved to be singled out and laughed at.
Also i cought abother team scam…but i onyl had time to catch 1 of the guys names…

the guy in the red mask was Lucky777777, guess he isent so lucky cause i cought him.
O and if u look in the bottom middle, u can see Hugiss still doing his scam

Alot of ppl do that scam its retarded…

ya but its a scam none the less, if i had a vid maker i would record a scam someone tryed on me…but its kinda hard to take a pic of him takeing money away really fast…

lol that guy in the first pic has nice spelling. i mean who else can spell “million” with a “j”? lets give him a round of applause! lol yea
but theres someone named D Dagger P who everyone thought was scamming, he said buying lemon 3mil cash…about 10 minutes later the guy showed me 3mil cash for the lemon he had just sold :0

I saw that scam yesterday, someone buying coal for like a mil, and then selling for like 500k…ch00bs, but it’s really not a scam, because they accepted the trade, and you can’t really report them or do anything about it, that’s the worst part…plus if you get scammed, it’s your fault.

yea if u fall for it i mean hey, shoulda been more careful

yeah lol ive seen alot of these beofre

lol well i say about 3 ppl trade wiht the first guy, i wasent going to say anything cause they wouldnt listin or they couldnt here me. but your right its not really a scam its a con, there conartists

Ahh its a normal thing now a days can’t really do anything with that :slight_smile:

ya i know its just fun to single them out.
o and anyway just for fun, if u spot pics of anyone scamming just post it for laughs and other ppl to see, cause i like seeing ppl go that low to get stuff

ya…i saw that scam a few days ago…only it was with monkey bones