Gays = Bad? Gimme a break!

Every time the word “homosexual” is even mentioned there are always a few people who seem to think that gays are scum of the earth and deserve to die in hell. REcently a homosexual debate broke out on the “most honorable” topic, so now it has its own forum. What are your views on gays?

I have no problem with them, they have the choice to do what they want. They aren’t hurting anyone, so I can’t see what the problem is.

Basically what I said on the other topic, “homophobia” is really just a fear of gays which leads to hatred of them. Don’t hate them, don’t like them, I’d rather not be in the presence of one though.

~ ewok

Well, bear in mind that there is actually a gene linked to homosexuality, so it’s not ENTIRELY their choice.

You can’t help but be what you are, and expressing that is better than hiding it.

~ reok

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Now i think though the Bible says homosexuals are wrong who cares. theyre ppl just like anyone else. thats complete discrimination. thats like saying Blacks or Asians all deserve to die becus theyre not white like some of us. well thats just wrong. if u actually got to know a homosexuals ud realize that theyre just human beings like u with different perspectives to what gender is attractive…

There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality. Most of my parents closest friends are either gay or lesbian and they’re completely friendly and normal people. Gays and lesbians are normal people, they just love people of the same gender…anyway, it’s basically like having a best friend of your gender, in my opinion.

Something tells me i aint going to be like on this thread…There aint a gene for gays ppl say there is, but its just a gene that makes u have less testosterone than a normal bloke. This doesnt mean u have to b gay as ppl with this gene r straight and some without it r gay. Personally i cant stand it, its completely unnatural and was created by some sick ppl who really needed to get out more

Mrparris, I believe that 1 out of every 10 people is gay or something. If you go to a crowded place you’re most likely in a spot with a lot of gay/lesbian people. There are gays/lesbians everywhere…I’m not trying to start an arguement or anything, just saying that almost everywhere you go, you will be in the precense of gays/lesbians.

No really, there is some genetics to homosexuality.

And yeah, you’d be surprised how many gay people you probably know without knowing it. This year in school I found out about three more people I know who are gay. Never would have guessed.

Short: Are you saying gay people can’t get some with the opposite sex so they become gay? Okay, I’ll listen to opinions but that’s just terrible! And being gay doesn’t mean you have to… yeah. Besides, there are a lot of gay people with boyfriends/girlfriends, of the opposite sex.

Lesbians? i wasnt thinkin of that…well now what guy could be homophobic?!
lol jk jk…im not perverted that way

You aren’t born Gay, it is a human free will and chioce, and There are 1 in every 40 people a gay person…

Lol heres the story line

*Baby still in mothers fetus
“i wonder what itd be like to be gay…”

Nope, homosexuality is a genetic trait that in inherited from your parents, and this was discovered by some research team of something… well anyway I saw in on the Discovery Channel. They have no choice, so it’s not really their fault, but I still strongly believe that it’s wrong, as it says in the Bible.

Homosexuality is from ur parents? really. wow didnt know that. yea but how do u get it from ur parents if ur parents are gay? how do they make u to be homosexual? actually i dont wanna know that lol…
O c’mon! am i the only one try to make this thread a little less serious and funny? lol.

If they got the genes from their parents, then their parents ar gay, and how can those be their real parent’s if they are gay? Gay people can’t have kids, so therefore that means you are saying their real parents who aren’t gay have genes in them that are gay? And I also don’t believe in Gayness…

Well it’s an inherited gene, but in doesn’t necessarily mean that your parents are gay. For example, diabetes is something that can be passed on for many generations with no-one actually having it, until finally someone has it. Or it could be a result of some sort of combined gene from both your parents… I dunno I’m definitely no expert on this sort of thing.

As I said, just because it’s passed on genetically, doesn’t mean your parents were gay.

thats what i was saying…how do u get the gay genes from ur parents if they were gay cus gays can have gay children becus theyre gay!..ima start using the word homosexual cus gay seems a little crude.

Homoness is not Genteic, it is totally your chioce, what DNA strand would make a guy say, hm I think I’ll like boys instead of the normal girl?

Yes, it is. It’s not a choice, it’s genetic. Now that’s kind of a stupid question because there would be a DNA strand like that, just like there’d be one for physical appearance like color of eyes, or things even as simple as preference of food. Someone who’s gay reacts to male pheromones more than female (or vice-versa) which is genetic.

By the way, don’t question me further, because I honestly have little to no clue what I’m talking about, I heard it on Discovery Channel :slight_smile: