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You’re not allowed to advertise…

Really bad layout for the main site. Link more stuff…

…Decent skin.

You can’t do this its advertising. Also its a very bad layout. And too simple.

Yes we can. We added a advertising for RSR.

  1. Advertising Sites: There will be no advertising other sites allowed on our forums. Unless it is a clan site in the clan section. Links in your signatures is allowed but no topics are to be made.

No, you actually can’t.

Arrrgh nevermind then! You can lock/delete mods, sorry I thought we could if we advertised GR…

BTW, come to Gee-Eff-X anyway :P.

Eh, sorry about that :tongue:.

Already registered. I’m .Ignite.

Awesome :D! And just look at my sig, ignore this thread.

The site is pretty nice :). But I got some things to help you guys with…

Get IPB.
Get another free hosting that’s faster, like
The buttons on the main site (not splash) doesn’t work.

the buttons dont work, the splash page is cooool, but dont do the whole site like that…it looks really bad like that :frowning: sowwy

What do you mean by buttons on the site?

“Tutorials”, “Contacts”, “Links” and “Home”.

Lol they work, there’s just nothing there :P.

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