Gem sale

for sale:

17 cut emralds
6 red topaz
5 dimonds
26 jade
40 opal
5 uncut saphire
5 uncut ruby
4 cut ruby

All are for sale fro 25k, or 1k ess. or 25emralds

I buy them all for 25k. Msg me ingame my rsname is 9276wizard. Im online right now

ill buy every f2p gems for 9k not including the diamonds. Pm me in the game please :slight_smile:

can i just take all the saffs and emerald for 10k???

wiz i added u but u not onlie

hello… ill buy all for ur asking price

username: 1434sweet

add borito4 im loging now

ill buy all for 27.5k
rsn: baller big t

Uncut f2p:

Rubies-1.5k ea

And respond to PM I sent you.