Geminiman!! This is for you :)

Great game! lol it brings back so many megaman memories

I used to love megaman X… Im checking it out now :stuck_out_tongue:

Megaman… I never LIKED it… But I thought it was like aight lol. I never did like the whole anime thingy… Except Yu-gi-oh if that counts (hey it was in 5th grade lol)


w00t! That’s on Homestar Runner .com! Homestar is awesome. That game is tight too.

lol that game is cool…and addictive.

lol the music is f:censored:ing awsome!!!
tight game too

cool lol i liked

Haha… I liked it… Thanks for the link… There was another good game more into Megaman featuring the Metool as the main character… But yeah, thanks for the link… I liked it…