George Best Dead..

Most people might of not heard about ‘George Best’
You might be thinking, ‘Who the heck is he?’
Well, he was naturally the best player in his generation.

12:54 GMT this lunchtime, George Best died.
Can we take a minute silence to this legend?

George Best
1946 - 2005


yay george best!

I honour that man greatly. Today is a sad day for Britain.

~ ewok

RIP…George Best

Never heard oh him,but Parris told me he was great.

To be honest i couldnt stand him. Think of that family whos love one died and gave him his liver. That could of gone to someone who wouldnt of abused it like he did.
sorry to write this but it had to be said

I agree with short man

I have never heard of the fellow, sadly. What kind of a player was he? Football?

Hm, he sounds like a widely-known fellow. I’ll miss him, I guess. :sorry:

I agree with that though. The man just couldn’t control his alcohol, though he was a damn good footballer in his day.

~ ewok

Dam binge-Drinking laws =/