get money fast and easy (only for members)

im looking for permanent sellers of unids. i dont care if they r guams or irit. ill buy each unid and only unids for 500gp. Im a bit low on money right now so if i dont have enough i will pay u with objects. add me on rs. my name is qwer32. also i only need 2-3 herb colecters.

I have lots of unids and I could get a lot for you.

uuuggh unids are 1k ea m8 no-one buys for 500 ea

i will sell u heaps of unids… but is the price still 500?

The reson i buy for 500 each is because i dont care if they appen to be guams or not. Even if i no they r all going to be guams ill buy them. But now if u prove me that the herbs r of a high lvl i will agree to discuss the prize.

unids are 1k each…

ill sell you about 100 unids(irit and up) 1k each