Get rid of the Runescape Newspaper!!

Get rid of it they haven’t done any issues they are lazy!!! IF you agree post below!!

Just because you haven’t seen anything doesn’t mean that they haven’t done anything.

First of all, we are working our asses off doing this. We already have 2 maybe 3 papers finished we just have a few bugs to fix. Plus, Azgolar is having problems with getting on RSR and she has all the papers.

We are working hard you better watch your mouth or you never might be in. So can somebody lock this?

err i agree. there has already been a post like this that caused the mods too lose it i will get it sorted.

I can’t lock it but it really needs to be!

Sorry for sounding like a newbie but… What exactly is in the RSR newspaper? I mean what does it tell you exactly? I’m guessing it must be helpful or something cause then I wouldn’t think this person would be complaining that it hasn’t come out in a while and really wants to read a new issue of it…

That is something you will find out when it is released.