Gettin bored..

Im getting seriously bored of rs…im becoming a memebr but on like june 21,ive been f2p for too long and im so freakin bored! what should I do until i become member? Runescape related please? (dir…)

ive been a member since lvl 15 and now im bored of members…you got a WHOLE world to explore once ur a member

Pretty much what Chaos said.

Yes ive been member before, on my old account before it got hacked… =( but can you answer my question?

Well, I guess you should get your range up, as you it come in handy in the members world!

it depends do u have a lot of money? and wats ur rc,combat, and wc lvl?

No offence but ranging isn’t really my type i got it up to like 25 and its boring and well how could it come to use?
Combat: 67
wc: 72
Money: not much
Rc: 23

hmm maybe runecrafting? its good in members, and there doing new updates about it this month.
sickmate 8)

Yeah it will… Also I think you should go for 60 attack, then ou could weild dragon weapons quicky as a member! (But first you gotta do the quests… Lol)


Well all i gotta do really is get ready for fletching…merhcant ess like usual and blah blah blah blah blah! And still how does range help?

not rellly a member but i’m guessing it’s fun maybe the best thing to do is get your mining and smithing level up then you don’t need to but that much

Ok after 5 minutes ive figured out that…well…I should just ahh hell i dunno…

Do multiple things… Get woodcutting up for fletching… Get essence for runecrafting… I could go on all day! Lol


uh im not member…but i think u can use cannon balls 2 raise ur smithing real fast rite? cuz u sell them like 200ea and u buy the bars 500ea…so u make 300k profit every 2 days…i think thas…pretty good…yea

i would cut alot of willows and yews in order to have some materials to train fletching…fletching is a very useful skill and a top way to make money in members…also, get magic to 55 : )

super you have no idea what you just said thats negitave 300k and merchanting takes time,skill,determination,and money!

no…for each steel bar you get 5 cannon balls…so you would make 500gp profit per bar

i say what most of them say but get your ranging to 50…combat around 55 or 60… and mage like 50 also(lots of quests need about those stats)

Castle Wars is pretty fun, get 90hp and join DI is also pretty cool. But you know i’ve been there done that… jks.

You’ll find something…