getting banned and scamed

just a little while ago i was scammed and after that a member of jajex staff has banned me because the group that scammed me had reported me of bad language and scamming *I don’t really think this is fair and if anyone has a solution for please do tell

Well… You could get a new IP addresse, I have a dynamic IP addresse so it is hard to ban me by IP addresse. THat also happened to my uncle, exept in real life. A group of people framed my unlce by saying he put a bomb in their car and since my uncle was not with anyone when they said it happend, he got sent to jail. It was one of those nice low seccurity jails though and he is out now. But unfair stuff like that happens all the time.

people that do that are total FREAKS!!!

thats happened to me once but i got my acunt back because it wasnt banned permanently.
i feal sorry for you. :frowning:

and mods: ty for putting my acount back :smiley:

but i missed alot :frowning:

ya i hope i don’t get permently banned and sorry about your uncle

o when i try to sign in it says invaild password or user name is that a sign of being banned

either that or some1 hacked ur account and changed ur pass :wink:

yea that is what i am thinking now i h8 ppl who scam because of them i quit runescape

yah, maybe someone hacked ur account?

Can’t you do a ban appeal? Or did they remove that feature recently… Man, if those people can do that and get away with it then they probably can just get a random person banned without never having to see the guy on RS…

I hope you get your account back,Best of luck, Hopefully you also regain all the stuff that they had maybe taken.

Take a closer look at the rules and make sure your here to stay!

omg that happened to me…i got hacked on my main…then i couldnt get it bak…i stated anew and got hacked on that one i ono how and now im trying again…and if something bad happend im going to quit runescape

I am getting help to get my account back now with help of Tensi he has a solution and I have faith in him (hope it works)

ya that happens alot to people but the name was convining his/her name was something like staffmember so i didn’t want to p him off

look at my hackers gone for good thread people.

your hackers?

no, I don’t think many of us are actual hackers though most of us probably have a general idea…

ok then :roll: :roll:

any peeps who lose their account becaus eof hacking contact me

just wondering how my account recovery is coming i miss it already