getting members

but i can only get it on one account should i get it on my main or pure? please tell me why

um i mainly support your main because there is alota good things good mains can do but pures csn onl do 1 thing at a time coz…like if pure was a warrior it woulnt be able to wear some cool armor…

pure easier to train

how would i train it faster?!?!?

rock crabs and experiments

but I support make main member s because easier cash

i hate making cash i just like to have fun and waste all my cash

pure then…

Main totally!

Main it makes more scence cause you can do way more stuff.

main, theres alot more things to do with your main.

I suggest to make member your main, I think it would be more usefull because you don’t need to be member on a pure… my opinion.