Gift for Sela (rate please).

I like the modern look, I’m trying to develop a Pheonix style lol. Enjoy sela :D.

I like it…but a little bright and i dont like the placemtn of the text good job though 6/10

Hahaha sweet. I’ll save it to my computer at home, but I’m at my sister’s right now…

Be kinda useless saving it to her comp. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work, Arc. I see you used that render that was posted on BlazeXtreme.

It is too bright and there is hardly any work done in the background. Take a C4D and set it to either Linear or Color Dodge (whichever looks better), duplicate that layer a couple of times (Shortcut Ctrl+J), and then move it around on top and behind the render. If you have too many layers of the C4D, delete them if needed. And then after that it might look good with a gradient going the direction of the render.

Now for text. The placement of the text is not very good, it should not be covering up the render. Try not doing any effects to it besides a drop shadow, and don’t make the drop shadow too dark and maybe make it an off-set of the color of your text color. Also, may I suggest using the font Century Gothic.

Overall, I would rate it a 6.5/10, you have done better before.

Thanks Nick.

No problem, glad I could help.