Gift for texas (like nothing youve seen before rate plz)

ok this is a new style i though of this is the first sig i made in that style so i decided to give it to texas since he gave me a free tag kinda like returning the favor
do here it is tada

feel free to rate and coment on it
i might sell a tut on this on chaose gfx still thinking about it

It’s sorta grungy with a bit of abstract and tech.

IIIIIIIIII like it :D!

im not a fan whatever u did to render i dont like uh 7/10 okay


Thanks for the great gift, I love the grudgy feal I ahve never seen a sig like this before :slight_smile:
thanks again for the awesome gift. :slight_smile:

awsome a little bright. the one in your sigs even better. 8.25/10 for texas’s, 9.5/10 for urs. tut pl0x??

weird spot -------------- ^^

well thx for rating and im glad you enjoyed it texas