~ Gift Spree // бїſť 5ρrΞé

Hmm, I think I’m going to start another “Gift Spree” of mine :). Remember the last one I had? In total there was over 30 gifts :tongue:. I’ll start it off with some new gifts ;).


My fellow SOTM runner ;), and one among my best friends.

En France-

Another one of my best friends. Gave me something I never could have gotten myself. :wink:


A great artist, and a great friend.[/COLOR]


Title is a failure btw…

You murdered the title trend :tongue:

Excellent signitures. I love Frenchy’s :slight_smile:

YAY, gifty :slight_smile: i love it thanks

I murdered what? What’s up with the “failure” you’re saying, Burnzie?

You’re welcome Adam :).

The title trend! You just have ‘\’ for symbols at the end. Lol, we’re both just nagging on you for being so boring :tongue:.

Okay, that was way off-topic. Don’t let me do that again…

Rofl! I won’t let you do it again…

New title! :tongue:

I think you just killed it…:dopey:
Um, I don’t really get this?

I don’t really get it either, Nestor… I do my own titles :sly:.

I wish I can change a title of my thread!
Oh well, Alias howcome you get to have animation avatar!

Phr33 6ift pl0x?

Ah man i was gonna go on a gift giving spree today :frowning: YOu ruined it :frowning:

Yay, GIFTS! I like teh giftzors :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks p10x!

No problem, Monkey ;). I wanted to give you one that matches my ‘SOTM Runner’ signature :).

Im not going to ask for one…lol…cough

Really nice sigs :slight_smile: Alias

Woo Hoo GIFTZ!!

SOTM Runner’s PWN ALL YOU :cool:

AKA, me and Monkeyboy PWN all of you :D.

Hmm, expect the next gift tomorrow. I’m full for today.

yay gifts are fun :slight_smile: but i never get any :frowning: