Gift To Archasgame5

Umm… Here is a gift for Archas - i made it about pking because archas owns at pking!!! Here it is :

Umm… heres the PHP code ( well it says direct link to image at imageshack )

i dont know how to do the PHP code plz tell me how lol

oh yeah plz rate and comments :smiley:

my FIRST EVER PIXEL!!! :smiley:

lol, dude that owns. it should have archas say: “wtf ownt noob!!!11@” lol, just a thought.

hmmm i should =] but i dont kno how to put a PHP code so archas can use it :smiley:


Its not really a pixel, but its the thought that counts :p. Nice “drawing”

o.0 how did u do dat PHP code lol

That’s awesome, I appreciate it very much! :slight_smile:

yay ty :smiley: im happy now! :smiley:

that’s better than my gift (check my thread)

That is sweet. N00b pixeling owns you.

cool, i thought dis sucks but its actually good :smiley:

How to do php:

[php*URL HERE[/php*


okay ty :smiley:

err…very plain nd simple so 4/10

it not dat plain tho :smiley: spent lot of time on it

Nice work :smiley:

I wanna one pls.

hmm i might make my 2nd one for some 1 else :smiley:

Lol that’s cool, I wish someone would make me something like that!

Not bad, nice work. Keep them coming.