Gift to Keyser

I made this sig for keyser, i hope he likes it.
If any1 want 1 like it go to my shop

{ instead of [


I personally say, stop using that blur effect, it looks like crap.

Nice sig though? :tongue:

i deeply suggest it too.

omg… its not a blur effect. its a grunge effect. and keyser asked me for it.

Well then, stop using that grunge effect, it looks like crap.

well i hate brushing and its the onl tut ive found that doent use brushes. btw u like what i did with the text

The text at the top is rather blurry, but it still looks good =).

What program you use?

Photoshop Cs. Use brushes they aren’t even that hard. My god…Brushes and the pen tool are the best thing to happen to sigs.

its good but u used a bit too much blur

I don’t like the colors. There’s too much brown and the effect you used in the background isn’t so good either.