Gift to Magekill

I never gave you a gift, I thought I should. Here you go!


Ratings, C/C, and improvements are appreciated.

Made in GIMP

Magekill gets all the gifts! Grrrr!

And I like it :).

Not all, Arc. Just a lot :smiley:

Its pwetty :slight_smile: Is that Boba or Jango? I like Star Wars :tongue:.

Since you asked, I’ll give you some tips. The text doesn’t match, don’t use pixel fonts as much. Thats really the only major thing.

I love it :slaphappy. I’m adding it to my list of gifts, in my UP. Thanks a ton Ece!

for some reason, i think its a clone trooper, but then again, it might be one of them bounty hunters

i like it, but i really dont like font

EDIT: with all these gifts magey’s getting, i might give u one too!

No, I’m positive its one of the bounty hunters. Jango or Boba.

Who? Me? Cool :slight_smile: