Gift to Phoenix :P <Large Image>

Sorry about making you mad earlier :c

Please accept my apology : D

It’s uber large. :smiley:

I still hate you. :tongue: Just kidding.
Why am I the one that has the long hair. :crying:

Thanks Damaster, and I didn’t block you, I merely logged off. :tongue:

You >.<
Sorry about the hair, I just wanted to give you a nice do :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for accepting ^^

Phoenix gets cranky :tongue: XD

Pretty picture. Reminds me of Sarp-Art.

I love Sarp-Art! ^^ Lol, I luff it though, and Phoenix’s ‘Do’. Elvis Presley!

Rofl it does look ike Elvis, I love him, just kidding.
Nice job, whatever happen to Sarp?

Naah, Phoenix’s do looks like Johnny Bravo! =D

Nice picture, Dama.

PS: How’d Phoenix get upset?

We were pretty much joking around, then I believed him xD
Oh well. It was representing Elvis and Sarp Art, y’know? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not being mean or nothing but it looks like something a deranged 3 year old would do!!!