Giving away 2 rune med helms and 2 mith kites (see pic)

these will all go to different people, just post stating what you want, and the first 4 people to post gets them (only one per person)

oooo, pick me!

did u choose me yet?

i want a rune med.

im not picking spammers such as you!

8O who, me?!

I’m giving this topic more replies.

I need a rune med! please

I’m not a spammer. :lol:
I’ll take a rune medium. :lol:

I need a rune med! please

sorry i already have 2 people wanting rune meds (someone pmed me) all i have left are 2 mith kites want that instead?

Darn! :cry:
Oh well, I’ll take a mith kite.
It’s better than nothing.

I’ve never seen a monk that was punk.

mith kite…

im gonna give away in varrock!

okay everyone! so i dont have to waste four law runes, we are all going to meet in falador east bank in world 20 (for those of you who are not members) infiltrator and gynleader get rune meds and punkmonk and demonsitfire will receive mith kites, dont go to fally yet ill make sure everyone is ready then we will go

I dont know if I’ll be on today though…
If I’m not can you just save it for me?

yea, we are going now so ill save it for you

Ok, thanks!

what? none for me?

but i posted first!