giving away free rune med

first person to post gets it

me yay i win

add me in game: calenel7

Can i have it since i used more words than frenzi? Besides ins’t 1 word posts classified as spamming?

can i get it 2moro cuz i play at the library and its closed til 2moro

why cant you get on at your house? and handmedown, no, i said the first person to post gets it

my comp is too slow but ill try

Ack! Darn it, I knew I shouldn’t have exited out of RSR!!!

lol! sorry infiltrator
ps: congratz on 2000 posts, did that happen today?

Yup, it happened today!

yeah i tried to get in rs on my comp and it keeps freezin so can u just give it to me 2moro?

sure frenzi

Okay, so I’m locking this topic. Calenel, contact me if you want this topic to be re-opened.