Glitched Stats?? Or pure skills?

Bought a Rune Scimmy and tried to do something in wildy.In 10 wild,i encountered 3 full runes-77,83 and 86. (i am 80 with rune scimmy,dhide addy full helm and mith kite lol) I run to non multi,pot,and start poking the 86. Suprisingly,i have got him to low hp with some ownage series of 10+,and 83 goes in instead. Again,he passes me onto 77. I run out of food(the 86 was mad that such a n33b like me wasted all his food,lol) and start protecting from melee. Everyone goes “OMG”(lol n33bing roxors:) ) and i have to tele with no food. The point is,the 86 should beat me completely. My char must be glitched up,beating 90s in arena,owning higher lvl ppl… what is causing so much Ownage?

luck, all i can say is luck

what AKA said =S

can i have some of that luck i got owned by a level 79 today

Can the luck go to barrows??? I get junk all the time.

lol i owned a lvl 88 (i was then 74 )
hitted him 18 with scimmy then i tookd rune 2h out and hitted 23 then again 23 , and then19 with scimmy he almost died but he teled!!
But nice work bananamatic :smiley:

God I Got More Luck I Am Lvl 51 And I Owned A Lvl 100

lol lol lol
rexy93 how did you do that ?:smiley: haha

lol god i was lvl 51 and she was lvl 100 just i got relly good luck i had good food really good food!

you must have been taking some drugs, lol

LOL!!! i quite own at wild,but this is LOL. Goin 'round the castle,i see a guy with scimmy pked,the pkers started talkin,scimmy on ground,i took it and teled.:cool:

I need lobbies for pk-ing im all out of 1000 lobbys
I got only eem… power ammy green d hide chaps and 2 str ammy from wilderness :slight_smile:
With 1000 lobbys and im really mad :@

nice story rex…altough we all know that ur lying…

I think there might be glitched stats. People say 92 attack is glitched and hits more than other attack levels…

on ebony, I won 200k off a lvl 116 staking. Then I lost to a lvl 78 that wasnt a pure.

its all luck :slight_smile:

ok if u think ur good u can fight me only lvl 91 add me sir matthew3 ill be on around 5 central

I would have to say luck, that and in the arena the lower level player is favoured.

Thats really not owning. Big deal you might have got lucky or he could have had bad stats?

Perhaps its luck. Either way, its not a case that you own.

who do u want to fight?

why are somepeople just so negitive and only believe in the worst of people…the world today