~ Goal Complete! 85 Smithing Finally! ~

I’ve been trying for this ever since I’ve started playing and finally (last night) it happened! With a dwarven stout, I can now make rune axes.

grats ive always wanted to smith rune

WOW congratz man

u can easily become rich by smithing rune… keep this up and u can earn big bucks… or gold…

Very nice, almost 1337 total!

Nice job dude! 85 smith owns!

85 smithing is nothing without 85 mineing :frowning:
ores=10k+ each.
a rune dagger aches for 5k
a skimmy alches for 15k (2 ores)
a long alches for 20k(worth it)
a plate 42k (5 ores!)

Congratulations on reaching you’re goal! I currently have 50 smithing, good luck on you’re wat to 99 when you can smith full rune!


True, but what you do is make rune meds. They cost around 11k to make and alch for 11k so free smithing and magic exp. Gratz on 85 smithing.

Congrats on 85 smithing!

but daggars sell for around 10-15k, scimmys for 25-30k, longs for 20-25k and plates for 70-80k.
You dont have to alc them.

And grats on 85 :thumbsup:

Wow, really nice. Did you quit buying gold?

Dude look at his mining… its 62… cant even mine addy but he can make full addy.

Ah, I didnt check his mining - So you’re going to get you’re mining up now, yes? Or are you going to keep going with smithing? I have 62 mining as well, cool!


Thanks everyone! and I have quit buying ores for the a while.

gratz on 85 be 99 in no time =p
+is tht a phat on ye head?

good job dude, i just got 85 strength yesterday too :slight_smile:

Actually, it looks like it! Wow!

ohh emm gee lol very niice

I always hated smithing. Heck, its slow too. But you pulled off 85 smith!

Good job! :mohawk: