Goal to 1100 F2P Total

Sry if i posted wrongly but i can’t seem to see a goal boards :smiley: i am a newcomer :frowning:

69 Smithing And That Make it 1050 Total

20M Xp :smiley:



My Next Goal Is 1100 SKill Total

I will going burn out all my willow to 95 Firemaking and Then Start Training My Range to 80 :smiley:

I will update the topic each day i gain a level and rating is always welcome here on this topic

~Featherbling :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow Nice Stats

yeh ur right 85 mining :o
only 8 lvls until im there but it takes 4ever…
btw…great nonmember stats

jesus christ! way better than me and im p2p… then again p2p doesnt help that much on woodcut and mining smithing or fishin cookin reeeeally
but im dead impressed :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Gratz Eechye, f2p ownage :smiley:

WOW!..amazing stats for a F2P.
such great stats shouldnt be comtempt to F2P worlds only, make $5 a month and own members!

Argh! Those stats are amazing for a free player. I don’t understand the excitement of firemaking though.

Firemaking is a huge amount of xp and total levels if you have the time to be bored for several hours…
Oh yea, and great stats!
Especially for a f2p’er, I’m hoping to be those stats also, as i’m f2p.

3 Level i Gained Today

Time to sleep :smiley:

great stats

YOU BEAST!!! lol great job!! especially that your a f2p and lvl 90

Dont worry, there are no goal boards.

You came from RSC?

And nice stats, amazing.

i got skill total of 1183 =) combat 87 rs name jakey_bwoy

Holy cow, awesome for f2p, good luck getting 1,100 overall! :D. By the way, welcome to RSR!


great stats dude

Wow…Nice!!! :eek:


Off Topic: WOOT! 300th Post =)

wow…very nice, im still trying to get to 1000 total