Goblin Armour Dyes Not Working

I’m doing the Goblin Diplomacy quest and Im at the point where you need to buy dyes from Aggie. I have more than 5gp, and more than 3 red berried (or 2 onions), and yet whenever I ask her to make dyes for me she says I dont have enough ingredients and then tells me where to get them from. What can I do? :?

If u r having trouble obtaining items u should ask someone on this website to get them for ya.

Srry i can’t get them. I’m really busy at moment.

Are you positive you have all the ingrediants? I think you might need a few onions.

Pretty strange. There should be an option for you to choose “can you make dyes for me please?”. Choose that one.

Yea I definetly have enough ingredients, she asked for 3 red berries, I went back with 15 and she still said I needed more red berries. It also doesnt work if I have just 5gp and 3 redberries in my inventory. But thanks for trying.

go onto www.runehq.com it shall tell you what to do and what you need

:oops: Allright, thankyou for your help everyone, but it turns out that it wasnt needed… it was all just my own stupidity. I didnt realise that I was clicking on the “I dont think I have all the ingredients” chat option, when I thought it was just Aggie talking and me clicking continue. Sorry for taking up your time but thanks anyway, and this site is awesome because it gives you help no matter how little your problem is. Keep it up. :oops:

Okay, well since this topic has been finished, locked.